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Shout out to AOK tackle

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Just wanted to thank Steve for his bag of goodies.They showed up yesterday and I can't wait to use them.A real nice assortment of the lures he makes.Thanks Steve:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:I'd repost the pictures but havent figured that out yet.But they can be seen in the holiday give away thread he posted 2 weeks back.

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Don your in for a treat!!!Steve's metals are second to none!!!!I love em congrats again on winning them!!!!:thumbsup:

Enjoy the lures.

AOK is all top shelf! :bow:

Lami :thumbsup:
Don----------You are going to love those lures. Got my first one this past year. The best casting metal I have ever had on the end of my line. Good Luck.
2 oz stealth t hex with black tube was a good producer for me this fall in the mornings. my 3 oz with white bucktail got bitten off before any fish :mad:
Top shelf Tins!!!! You'll be posting lots of pic's once you start tossing them !!!!

best metal around! it will be your go to tins. enjoy.
Congrats Don, they are first class metals to be sure.

And thanks to Steve for doing this again this year.

My pleasure Don.Glad they found their way to your door ;).
Fish 'em hard!

Thanks gents.

Slime...............what's up man?
Long time no hear/see.
Hope to see you at a show.................bring the boy!
AOK is the best,my go to metal!
Congrats Don,
I was the winner last Christmas. Great Metals!:D
Had been a repeat costumer befor the win...
Shared the dups. I had with a friend. Loved the way they cast,of course.
He said, "The cast was one thing but the most important stat was the CATCH after the CAST." :thumbsup: Good point!
All this hub-bub about AOK and nothing to do in the rain. I drove out to Harry's Army Navy and just purchased a 2oz T-HEX with white Bucktail.
Can't wait to use it. :bow:
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