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SIC Back Bay Report - 3/28

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Picked up a 33 and a slot. Fished hard in the wind and the cold. Dropped 2 other fish....I guess I need to warm up a bit. Very light bites and very short runs. Fellas you need to hold your rods in this cold water or you will miss them.

The bass were full of baby crabs and baby flounder.
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thanks for the report.Last year I fished with fresh flounder roes and did very well. What was the water temp.??
Theo,,, Thank you my man... That's good news...
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I think it was between 45 and 48 all day. Our temp. gauge is not the most reliable. Out front was 42 so it about seemed right. Strange part... all our hits were on the incoming tide, we weren't able to fish the outgoing due to time constraints.
Theo- nicely done.

Were you clamming?
Yes sir.....Tim at Hand's had real fresh clams. Worked like a charm.
Good job theo. I knew I should of went yesterday. oh well we shall start this w/e
should have gone today, free soda did f/f wires work out?
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