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SIC Report

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Headed out on buddyboy(finsy's 17' Carolina) for end of incoming/beginning of outgoing. Had some engine issues,called in Fin Advisor and went flattie fishing on the 26' sailfish. Went 2/6 till wind & tide moved us at 2 knots+.

Thanks Finsy-hope its just a fuel line(bad primer bulb)
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Thanks for the report Spooled and hope its nothing major on Fin's engine, I'm getting my VRO pump replaced so I'm on the bench till next weekend. :( Good thing my brother has a boat - we will be hitting Absecon on Monday
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It was one of the jets in the carb according to jeff. we went out on sat and it ran fine untill we were headed home then the same issue ! oh well he will have to try again. Im just happy its the john/rude and not the yammis
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