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Sickining site in belmar 11/5

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I was fishin in the belmar area last night and got the skunk on the beach. I decided to try a bridge in the back, see if any bait was sturring.

Nothing happening, went to leave, drove by the fish cleaning station by the ramp and was discusted!! On the cutting board there was a nice 12lb or so blue fish, not cleaned nothing,looked in the trash cans they were full of 10 to 15lb blues. NOT ONE FISHED WAS CLEANED!!
The person who did this should be hooked in the mouth with double treble hooks, sofacated, bleed to death, and thrown in a trash can.

Sorry for the vulgar display but it kills me that some people have no respect. Yeah blue fish but if your not going to use the fish let it fight another day.
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I'm not a bluefish fan thats why if I do catch one I throw it back. Is that so hard to do.
The thing that really gets me is that the guys who did this are the same guys that will go (how come we can only keep a fish in this size).

When the regs. change like the bass regs.

This is another good reason for a salt liscense.
Maybe it will keep these people from killing.
i agree he should be thrown over board. why kill a fish if you're not going to eat him. saw the same at a marina nice big blue thrown in the mud . why did they keep it . i fillet my blue will be cooked this wednesday for dinner......
NSF.....disgraceful YES, I AGREE.

BUT, please explain how a saltwater license will stop it.
I just think that if these guys have to pay maybey they will think twice, or the hassle to get the license will deter them.

Of course there are fresh water guys who only get a license for the opening day of trout so maybey not...
I just returned from a weekend trip to IBSP. Friday night some joker fishing the beach caught half dozen skates and just left them in the sand to die! WHY would anybody do this?
disgusting, is there a good way to bring this up to these idiots when you see them doing it?
Yeah I would just ask them why they do that, and tell them thats just wrong. Maybey they will think about what there doing.
I agree! Seeing fish laying dead for no reason bothers me so much you cannot imagine :mad:

We caught a few Blues this weekend and killed one, Bled out, iced down and cleaned. The rest were handled carefully and sent back to fight another day.

Wasting or simply killing fish of ANY type without eating them is a crime against nature.
I'm a firm believer in karma, What goes around, most defineately comes around!
A possible solution could be a "Wanton Waste" law. When hunting for big game out West they have these type laws in place. It is illegal to kill an animal for the rack or for any other reason and leave the meat. Basically, it is illegal to kill and waste the animal even if the act of killing the animal is legal i.e in season and you have a tag.
This same principle would work quite well here.
Not just in the west Joe, you will get fined in PA if you disgard a skinned deer or bear after you take its horns or fur.

There is a Wanton Waste law in NJ. The problem is that you have to catch the person discarding the fish. Having a law is one thing, enforcing it is another.

What a total waste, if they didn't want them why didn't they just throw them back in?
Interesting topic. Where do I begin?
More law enforcement? (didn't know we have a wanton waste law - glad we do) - May help some. Will cost plenty.
More law? - May help some. Will cost plenty.
Bash their skulls in? - no comment.
Try to educate them? - Let's face it, there are very many people out there fishing at the bottom of the experience ladder. Some of them will be able to understand things like this. Some will not. Now the painful part-approach it like a politician. Be friendly and make suggestions that don't cost them anything. Well, it's a start anyway.
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