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Me and a buddy decided to go yesterday morning around 6:30am. I got the slush out of the boat and we heaed out. It was raining pretty good and the wind picked up. I headed for the G.E. inlet with 2 doz clams. The inlet was ROCKIN with a stiff SE wind and a swell that was over my head. I anchored up anyway, with breakers all around us. set the rods and had a run within the first 5 min. put a 31"er in the boat-released. the wind picked up more, so I decided it was getting too hairy. we pulled and moved in back.
I headed for Margate. found a nice spot and set up. Took a while but got a nice run. A FAT 36"er. dang thing broke my net.
By this time I was wet, cold, and hungry. headed in when it started getting nice.
cleaned the fish and found a mantis shrimp in belly. It also had 2 HUGE egg sacks. sorry old girl, wish I had known.
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