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So who's eatin' the striped ones??

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Just wanted to hear some thoughts from those who eat striped bass, especially given the recent hype about the infections/sores seen on area fish...Now, just for a disclaimer, I'm primarily a catch and release guy, but I do keep a few fish per year for special occasions...And I know that the DEP or some related organization passed a warning recommending that people only consume 1 fish/year due to mercury levels...Anyone eat striper pretty regularly? Also, anyone have any recent experiences of becoming ill after eating striper caught in the SJersey area?-------Mike
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In March and April I ate alot of it and had no problems.
I eat a good number of AC stripers they have been clean and healthy.I eat the white meat only.
According to a Dr. I know thats a lot of Bull S--t. You would have to eat it every day for years. It's always something. Remember when it was eggs had to be cooked to a certain temp.? You have to die of something so why not go out eating something you enjoy.
When I have Striper in Fall and Spring I eat it everyday till there is none left or cant keep it in the frig any longer. Some time 12 to 14 days straight. Love fish and hate to freeze it unless necessary. Never have any problems ! :eek: :eek: :eek:
Yum, Yum, Yum eat it all the time. Hasn't done anything to me but put a few inches 'round my waist.
From what I understand, it's the way they test the Striper is why they say not to eat more than 1 per year. They grind the whole fish up, bones & everything and test it that way. I eat Striper all the time & never been the least bit ill from it.
Like Bill said, just a few in. around the belt area! LOL!
I would suggest if Any Recent Caught Bass Shows
Any Signs of Infection Release It,or Send It Off
For Research.. The Info is Posted In This Forum
To Do So Above.........
Eat It -
Why chance It,,There is alot of Unknown out there
right now...Look at some of the Pictures I have
taken of Sick Fish...We have even caught Healthy
Looking Bass with the Inside Meat Infected
(Greenish Color).I would not let the elderly or
Children eat any fish over 10lbs more then once
or twice a month...But the Best Quage is if the
Fish Looks Healhty inside and out it should be
OK to eat within reason......
Until I Find Out Different.....
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I haven't seen an infected bass since March,everything I've caught have been healthy and I've caught a Few
Eat stripers once a week and I'm still walking
Wait til you see what happens in 10 years.....YIKES!!!
Thanks for all the feedback......Mike
wrap it in bacon and throw it on the grill!! All it does to me is make me want more!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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