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sold the boat "kind of"

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I was not useing my lobster/fishing boat, so I sold it a month ago. What I found was I was fishing in everyone elses boat, I guess thats the best situation, but what I did not due is sell my 19ft lund tin boat tiller model for some reason there is no way I would sell the lund. Any of you guys ever owned a tin boat?? and is just me who refuses to sell the tin boat??
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I got one sitting in my back yard. It was my dads first boat. I remember going in it when i was like 4. It was fun. He said it was really safe and reliable.
those "tin" boats are just too versatile to get rid of. i had a 14' with a 15 hp yammie, and i fished that boat everywhere. del. river, local lakes, round valley, behind avalon. i should never have sold it. it had a bimini top. and i had a huge piece of camo drapped over it and did really good duck hunting on that rig too.
I have a 20 foot Lund Alaskan and dollar for dollar one of my best purchases
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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