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well went out in search of a door mat and ended up with a throw back and a small shark, neither of which i caught.

It gets better.

after a dozen or so drifts and nightfall close we packed it in with an enpty cooler. UNTIL we got back to the boat ramp. as the capt. of our vessel was messing with the trailer my buddy noticed a **** load of spearing being pushed up into the grass, you could catch them with your hands there were so many. they were so thick that he made a couple of casts with a bucktail and foul hooked one each cast. then right after the sun went down we noticed a larger fish breaking right on the bank. so i quick cut off my flounder rig and threw on a finess. first cast i made, wham! my drag starts peeling out. THANK GOD FOR POWER PRO. he made 4/5 solid runs, remember this is my flounder rod. thinking it was a big blue or maybe a weakie mike ran and got the net. good thing b/c it was a fat 26" STIPER. therefore it was a solid ending.

Made my day and will taste great tonight :D
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