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SOT = dry ride?

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I have a SIK and I'm going to upgrade to a bigger yak this season. A new yak brings the age old question of SOT vs. SIK. I like my SIK because I know my ride will be dry (other than wet thighs from paddle dripping). I would not like a wet rear end while fishing.

Do the SOT yaks provide a totally dry ride? I only fish in ponds / lakes.
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usually no, in my experience. BUT, in my case I have an OK Malibu II and leave the scupper holes open. I think if the scuppers were plugged, it would be a dry ride on still water, save again for paddle drips (which can be prevented to a degree via the drip stops), or for wave splash in wind chop... but I wouldn't think you'd be out often in those conditions anyway.

the convenience of pulling up to a bar and swinging my legs out etc is nice.
My butt does not get wet in my Hobie Outback, even in moderate seas.
you can plug the scupper holes with scupper plugs, but if you take on any water it will not drain, so i always leave mine open, i have an ocean kayak drifter that has a wet ride so i bought a kayak seat that has a 3" padded bottom to get you out of the water, it works great and is very comfy, just do a search for a drifter seat , it should work for every sot yak out there
My Outback keeps my but dry but my Revolution gets wet both are use without plugging the scuppers.

So it depends on your weight and the yak.
well if it depends on weight I'm screwed. I'm not a "lightweight". I really want the Pro Angler but I cant justify the cost. I also need something that I can throw in my Thule "J style" carriers on my Honda accord and I don't think I could do that the Pro Angler. I'm leaning toward the Wilderness Systems Commander 120. Anybody here have any experience with that boat?
I occasionally get a little damp when fishing in my hobie sport. It's nothing to deter me, and it usually happens when I am in the river or bay in 15+mph winds and have to head directly into the chop.
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