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Sponge Bob Stripers

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Watching Chunkin Fred catching a striper on a spongebob rod with 10lb fireline . Hysterical just netted a 27" striper. I gotta try this. Fred will be stopping in for bellies and spots

Nice job Fred.

PS on TIVO recorded from this morning

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I have seen the video. stinks that I don't think I get Fred's show up here in cumberland county
Channel 4 (40 mgm) andf not listed on TIVO just Forum 40 .
Saturday afternoon, after the SpongeBob striper special, I took my wife to K-Mart in Rio Grande (it was raining)....I somehow found myself in the fishing department ( :D )...a kid was there with his father..he went over to the display and picked up a "Chunking" SpongeBob special outfit,(he picked it out of several others, snoopy etc...) handed it to his oldman and said, "Now you're ready to go striper fishing"... I busted out laughin....
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Saw the show myself. That was pretty funny Fred. Just goes to show how you can catch em on just about anything. BTW, I liked the plastic box idea for the clam belly soup mix. Gonna try that one.
So Fred, who goes into the back and shovels out that chit, you or Ant? :D Somehow I don't see Danny doing that.

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