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So I have purchased Boca Bearings for my baitcasting reel before and I thought they were a nice way to make my reel cast easier and further. The only down side to these bearings was that they were a bit Pricey. Fast Forward to now, Spool Hi-speed bearings, a competitor to Boca Bearings is selling these much cheaper! about 1/3 less (after shipping). Since they have been hot on social media, I went ahead and bought the kit for my KastKing Spartacus and replaced the bearings there. Upon receiving the bearings, I have inspected them and they were pretty legit and of high quality.

Installed on the KastKing Spartacus and it sure cast further and the lure comes out much smoother. I can easily hit my maximum distance with less energy. Now for the maximum distance gained, i haven't been able to go out on a day where it wasn't too windy, but i estimate that I have gained 1-2 rod distance only (my rod is 7.5 ft btw) with the wind. So likely it would been a bit further. maybe 3-4 rod lengths depending on lure size/weight.

I think their bearing kits are worth it, especially the 2 bearing kits sold at 16.95 plus shipping; however, I don't think the upgrade for my Spartacus was worth the upgrade. Still on the fence on that since the kit is a 3 bearing kit at 30 dollars.

You guys can check my full review and how to replace the bearings via the video below! I will likely come back and talk about this again since ceramic hybrid bearings do break and it will become SMOOTHER :)

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