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Sportsmans cove, Fortesque fishin report

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I was at Sportsmans Cove Marina today and saw the cooler full of 3-5 lb. fluke, nice limits for the McClearry's and fishing friend Lou Ruggiano.

A nice weakfish came from around 2 mile dropoff-beatenpoint area.

Walt and Diane picked up short weakies and blues.

I ended up with 5 short strippers and a perch on shedder's, strip mackeral(go figure) My fishin partner Mark ended up with a short stripper,small blue,and a perch.

Heidi from the Cove says the fishin is pickin up and some really nice fluke have taken this past week as long as the wind was't shreading the flags.
She has nice selection of bait-fresh bunker,minnows,shedder crabs, procut bait, minnows. They are in the midst of puttin together a nice little place for last minute needs and Coffee to go.
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