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Spray Attractants

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I was wondering if anyone uses any kind of spray attractants on their lures or cut baits, and if so, how effective are they? I have a bottle of attractant made by Baitmate that someone gave me over the weekend.
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Fish use every weapon they have to find food and smell is one of them. When I use a scent I prefer to soak my strip baits in it. Just feel that it will be more effective than a spray on. I could be wrong.

We checked out a new attractant at the tackle show the other week that is water base and is said to last at least a half hour in salt water. Will give it a try this year and let you know how it works.
I like to add a little sheddar oil to my
Bucktails when I am Fishing For Weakfish....
Mega-Strike - gel base (stays on the lure better than liquid), all the amino acids and proteins for a fish to survive on. Very similar to the ingrediants in Berkley's new Gulp products.

Mega-Strike comes with a money back guarantee, Jersey made. Supplier lives in Jackson, NJ.

Finnessee oils also a prime favorite, produced by Fin-Actics BT in Ocean City.

Just don't use the self-propelled sprays, they are petrolueum based propellants, ie WD-40 (pump sprays ok).

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When fishing for grouper, whether in 400 feet out in the Gulf Stream or in shallow in 65-200 feet, I use shedder oil on my baits. I use Finessence (made by Ruggiero Seafood up in North Jersey), Jacks Juice in an aerosol can and Smelly Jelly. I discovered by mistake that the Jacks Juice product also makes a great waterproof coating for your sunglass lenses. Sheds water right off.

When we were fishing two lines with three baits on each three hook chicken rig, we observed that the scented baits had twice as many hits on them and the strikes were MUCH more agressive.

Get yourself a can of BANG ! Wal mart has the stuff.

Originally posted by The real Clamman:
Get yourself a can of BANG ! Wal mart has the stuff.

I use the same stuff as well, can't hurt. I spray the sinkers, swivel, line, bait, armpits...
Dont think it matters when fishing lures in anykind of open, moving water...Fishing shallow protected water(ie, mud,grass flats,coves)it does help, especially with flies, bucktails etc. I have seen a scented merkin crab fly make up a bonefish's mind to eat several times. ;)
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