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The Bass Pro Shop in Hampton Virginia is having their Spring Fishing Classic. This is a great event in which they invite a lot of the local fishing community to come and talk about what else---fishing! In my case, jet ski fishing and photography ( I am not a photographer but I like to take pictures). Luckily they are letting me bring my Yamaha but they still will not let me put it in the big demo tank. I brought it to the store today and it will be on display thru sunday, my talk is at 4:30 on sunday. There are a lot of great speakers the next two weekends so come and show them your support and learn thier tricks!
Here is a list of the times and talkers.
6:00pm Deep Dropping and Wreck Fishing - Captain Skip Feller
7:00pm Virginia Gamefish Tagging
10:00am Frog Fishing - Bobby Smith
11:00am Fishing with Hogy Lures – Tank Demo
11:00am Finesse Baits - Chuck Hart
12:00pm How To Target World Record Class Fish - Dr. Julie Ball
1:00pm Swim Baits - Ed Lewis
1:30pm Fish Feeding – with Capt.Eddie Griggs and Tanner Long
2:00pm Chunking For Stripers - Capt. Max King
3:30pm “Kayak Fishing”, Author Cory Routh- Seminar and Book Signing!
5:00pm Bowfishing at its Best! - Chase Simmons
10:00am Shakey Head Fishing - Buzz Goodwin
11:00am Buzz Baits - Ed Lewis
11:30am Fishing with Swimbaits - Capt Eddie Griggs
12:30pm Artificials for Pups and Va. Tagging Program - Capt. George Wojcik and John Lucy
1:00pm Fishing Crank Baits - Chuck Hart
2:30pm Chunking For Stripers -Capt. Max King
4:30pm Fishing and Photographing from a Jet Ski - Jet Ski Brian
6:00pm Fishing for Cobia - Captain Ben Shepherd
10:00am Fishing Soft Plastics - Buzz Goodwin
11:00am Tank Demo with Madd Maxx Frogs
11:00am Finesse Fishing - Chuck Hart
12:00pm Back Woods Bass Fishing - Kyle Sawyer
1:00pm Basic Freshwater Techniques
1:00pm Fishing Swim Baits - Ed Lewis
2:00pm Jig Fishing - Bobby Smith
2:00pm Basic Knot Tying with Captain Don Lancaster
3:00pm Basic Freshwater Techniques
4:00pm Fresh and Salt Water Fishing
5:00pm Float Fishing techniques both Fresh and Salt Water - George Wojcik
10:00am Jig Fishing - Bobby Smith
11:00am Finesse Fishing - Chuck Hart
11:00am Tank Demo – Tru Tungsten Swim Baits
12:00pm Catching Fish Using Jigs All Year - Capt. Eddie Griggs
1:00pm Fishing Swim Baits - Ed Lewis
1:00pm Fishing Basics
2:00pm Fish Identification with Capt. Don Lancaster
3:00pm Fishing Basics
4:00pm Bank and Pier Fishing - George Wojcik
5:00pm Booyah Spinner Baits - Capt. Eddie Griggs

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4:30pm Fishing and Photographing from a Jet Ski - Jet Ski Brian
03-12-2010 :bow:
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