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Spring Flies

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ok, guys.

For the salt, what patterns do you start out with, and when do you find most success in NJ waters?

For example, I would assume it's fairly fruitless to try to drag worm or clam flies out on Graveling point starting today :)razz:) but somewhere along the line there is enough of a bump in temps to get gamefish metabolisms up to the point of wanting to chase bait.

Any input is much appreciated, as well as your experiences in spring sw fishing.
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Most of my early spring action is on the susky flats, were we use Assassins and clouser deep minnows. Colors, crabby, chart&wht.
These are both good all around attractor patterns that will take fish.
Rob, you are for the most part going to have to wait until the water temps get into the 50's In the spring the bass are slow with the cold water. In the fall and early winter they will feed into the 40's

Key in the early spring is to find the warmest water you can. Bright sunny days that warm up the dark mud flats and then you have a high tide. Those areas warm up and are most likely to hold fish and bait. Out going seems to be the best.

It is usually sometime in April before I get my first bast on flies. Mean time sense of smell is the key with bait.

Clousers, and decievers will never let you down.
Thanks guys... kind of what I thought.
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