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Spring schedule on the 55 Hooked Up 11 Morehead City, NC & Cape May, NJ

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Morehead City, NC

We will start bottom fishing for Sea Bass and giant Trigger fish that can go over 5 lbs. We will also do COMBO Gulf Stream Wahoo, Blackfin, Yellowfin, and Mahi ON THE SAME DAY TRIP WITH SOME DEEP WATER BOTTOM INLCUDED weather permitting. If any anglers want to test their ability to fight tough fish jigging we will target Amber Jacks (AJ’s) that can go up to 90 lbs and test any fishermen's skills when caught on jigging tackle. Last year the Bluefins in the 150-200 lb range showed up off of Hatteras in March so there is the possibility we may see some of the smaller Bluefins this spring that can be jigged and trolled. NOTE: We heard yesterday (02/02/2010) these class of Bluefins were caught off Oregon Inlet in decent numbers casting stick baits on jigging tackle so we might just see them show up close enough to Morehead City where we can reach them any day now and into March.

We will be returning to Cape May, NJ to start our Spring COMBO Striper-Black Drum trips in late April and fish out of Cape May until late November in 2010. If we get a warm spring then we may return and start spring stripers in mid-April around the New Moon.

Cape May, NJ

We plan to start our 2010 season with COMBO Black Drum and Jumbo Striper trips on the Delaware Bay around the full moon April 28. We will be fishing for Stripers and Black Drum every day and evening until the spring run is over in early June. We will be doing some all night Black Drum trips starting around the new moon May 14, 2010 on weekends and holiday to avoid the large crowds on the Delaware Bay.

We will start Mako Shark fishing in early June and Canyon Tuna sometime in mid-June or as soon as the tuna get within range. If we get an early season run on Yellowfins we will be running reduced price 24 or 30 hour trips where we troll in the day for tuna and fish for large canyon Makos at night in June and early July. We usually start inshore day Bluefin Tuna fishing by late June or early July depending on when the tuna arrive within range of Cape May.

We can take up to 6 anglers per trip and do make-up charters for small parties and singles when possible.
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