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spring striper fishing article

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Wrote an article on spring striper fishing in the New Jersey Angler magazine appearing in this months edition. Next month have an article coming out on black drum fishing. ;)
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As always- Capt Harv- looking forward to them and can't wait to read them both.
Harv, I got my NJ Angler yesterday and turned right to your article.. full of great info as always, but speak up will ya, I had a hard time reading... ;)
Great article Harv,I enjoyed it.

BTW did I get knocked off the A list? haven't received any jokes from you lately. :D :D :D

See ya soon

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Thanks guys and Pat, just haven't had any good ones to forward recently, you are still on my joke list!
Harv tks for the heads up looking forward to reading the articles. I enjoy reading all your stuff. Hopefully this year Lunchman and I will get on the Drum. We tryed last year but to no avail. Had a great time with Pat as always anyway. Thank God the weakies came through for us.
Another great article Harv. ;) Looking forward to the upcoming season. See you on the docks.
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Capt Harv - excellent article! I spent a few hours yesterday tying some grass shrimp flies I will use for teasers in the rips.

Looking forward to the Drum article.
As usual, it was a great article, Capt Harv

One problem though, you got some ugly-a$$ fisherman out with you on that Vetcraft. Hahah
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