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STALKER report......11/18

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AM trip
Had a private charter this morning, also with my dad aboard. Got to the rips with the tide just about to start moving...had a fish on the first drift. Proceeded to boat 49 stripers to 37". There were alot of slot fish today and tweeners! Bucktails again!

PM trip
The afternoon trip again was a bit slower, but still good! We had fish up to 33" and boated another 22 stripers. Also alot of slot fish tonite! Again all on bucktails.

We'll be at it again in the AM.. CYA :cool:
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I hope the fish stay around until Sunday. It's going to be a fun trip with the crew we put together.

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You had Dwayne crying on that last rip......
He kept watching you hookup and thoughts of how uncomfortable it was using the portable head on my boat were going through his head. LOL

Great day and many fish were caught.

it seems most of the fish in the rips are usually slots or the tweenies,do you guys ever do trips out to the bay for chunking bigger fish?
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