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Its that time of the year again! :D STRIPER SEASON!!!! :D

I'll be moving the boat back to Snug Harbor very soon so that we can turn our attention to STRIPERS as soon as the Delaware Bay opens on March 1st!!!!

Charters and open boat emails and calls have been coming in, so if you want to get out early to try to get a chance at your first STRIPER of the year...don't wait to start seeing the reports...get out there and let's make the reports! :fighting:

If you want to get on board, give a call or email. Historically, March has been a VERY good month with lots of fish coming over the rails and I expect we will get on these fish quickly this year.

I'm not always at a computer...between running charters and also working on our new boat which will be splashing this CALL or EMAIL to get on board!:thumbsup:

Also, if you haven't already...go to our website and sign up for our email list...that way you'll receive weekly reports and also notifications of openings for open boats and private charters. :D

Let's go catch some STRIPERS! :thumbsup:
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