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Well another trip I will never forget for the rest of my life ! Left Captain's Cove Marina in the Highlands at 5:30am.Capt Lou Grazioso took us down the beach to find Bunker.We took a ride all the way down to Monmouth Beach without finding any bunker.We went back north and Capt Lou was able to locate the bunker.Matt the mate took 1 throw with the cast net and got all the Bunker we needed.This guy is outstanding throwing a cast net.Capt Lou made a move south and within minutes we had multiple hookups.My son Andrew's 13 years old his first bass of the day weighed 29 lbs. on the Boga grip .His next fish which he ended up catching on a bunker head weighed 35 lbs ! The smile on Andrew's face was priceless.I personaly caught several 30 lb Bass and my good Friend Mike Wells caught his personal best which weighed 34 lbs.Hats off to Capt Lou Grazioso & Mate Matt for an awesome trip.

Kept the smallest bass from our trip which was 18lbs.for the Grill and released the Bigger Bass in Memory of my Dad.

Hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day !

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