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Striper2278, plugging for bass

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:bow: Hey Skip, when do you go up the bay plugging for bass. Give me a time frame and I will call Jeremey. Bob Maholland :thumbsup:
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Check your freakin email nuckle head:D

I emailed you the other day!
plugging for bas

:fighting: Hey A-hole, I don't know who you sent the e-mail to, but it was'nt me. I have been looking for a response. Reply right here and stop breaking my balls. :razz::razz:
Yea skip

Post it....i cant wait much longer to get out fishing ...its making me nuts.
I need that piece of mind....
I need to fish !!!!!!!!!
Your emails in your profiles don't work...then fix them!
bass fishing Striper 2278

:huh: I have come to the conclusion that you don't want me to fish with you. I don't know how to fix my profile. Why can't you just answer the freegin question. :bow:
Because. my number is 609-972-4345. I'd rather you call me!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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