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Stripers in Ocean City

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I have done most of my fishing in the D Bay fishing out of the Fort. This year I wanted to try Somers Point for a change. THis is going to be my first year striper fishing in the back bays. What bait do you suggest? I was doing alot of chunking in the bay.
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Fish at night with plugs, softbaits and bucktails along the sod banks and bridges. We also drag eels around the bridges and in the inlets

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Ocean City has alot of bass around. not alot of large ones but you can avg. 20-30 a night at 22-36" avg. I usually catch 700-1000 bass a year just in the OC area. When you start to fish up this way email me. I'll show you a few areas to go.
If you'r getting an early start I would suggest setting up with clams and HERRING chunks. When the fish get agressive the live HERRING is great fun.

If your boating you might want to start by running up the river where bloodworms and chunks are usually the best bet or plugs in the shallows.

We're only a couple miles up the road and are always available to give some tips.
Caught my first ever stripers in Ocean city. Mackeral works a CHARM in the back bays for them. May-June are usualy the best for me, but April isnt to bad. I usualy fish the dead end streets for them, never fails. good luck.
As Bay Stalker said-night time is the right time. You can get at shot at them first thing in the morning but bt 7 or 8 the boat traffic will shut them down.
Lil F, I couldn't believe how good Mackerel worked for bass around there. A few years ago when the blues were running really strong in the back, we were using mackerel for them, and the bass were lovin it. I don't use mackerel that much anymore though, can't stand that smell on my hands. I also had good luck with herring chunks in the springtime. I suck at throwing plugs so I try to stick with bait. I should practice artificial though.
Rubber ,rubber ,and more rubber starting at 49 degrees. Slow retreive at night, Sometime on top mostly on the bottom if its cold but always slow retreive.
Some one say Fresh Mackerel ? :D

I will be plugging this baby in the back of OC this spring...
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Chunk fresh clams in the spring just like the Delaware. I like to drop over a clam chum log or two and bait up with fresh surf clam on a fishfinder rig.
Nightstrikes, Did you make that pikie?
Originally posted by barrell:
Nightstrikes, Did you make that pikie?
No, I wish I had the time and skill that these guys have making their own plugs.Just some outstanding work being done these days...

This plug is a orignal Beachmaster Atom Jr..
The makers own personal pattern that he made for himself and a few friends...I was lucky enough to pick it up from a friend of mine up in Montauk..
Great Egg Bay, and the two rivers sure make for some excellent fishing most of the year. I normally fish out of my kayak during the spring and summer and almost always rely on the standby black/purple bomber on the sods as well as a variety of plastics. Later in the summer I will start to float mullet, snappers and peanuts as they arrive in force. Just throw em on a bobber a few feet under the surface at night especially on weeknights when there's not too much boat traffic. Also look for a few sodbanks that lie in close proximity to both channels and the flats, as they seem to hold the most fish. If you take time to really learn a few islands and sod banks you will begin to notice pattens as to how each spot holds fish during certain times of the day/tide to the point where you will know almost exactly when to anticipate a strike. It takes some time to master, but putting in the time will really pay off.
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good info timmy
Can't wait till the summer dude, hopefully i'll be in time soon enough for the springtime mad bite, but they'll be there right behing my house all year. The wintertime in maine is startin' to get to me, so im getting really pumped to stand in the nice warm summahtime water and kick some bass arse!
Timbo we need to hit the river. yo James the march trip sounds great
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