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stripers in stone harbour

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I heard a report that stripers are being caught in the south end of stone harbour off the sod banks. anyone else hear this? :eek:
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stripers can be had throughout most of SJ right now. get out there and give it a shot on the outgoing with some fresh clam. Reports are coming in from OC, SIC, Avalon, SH, Cape May.

noticed in your profile that you fly fish the salt. Do I see you fishing the ocean side of the Avalon Jetty all the time? maybe you can let me have a whirl sometime this season?

Good luck

That's not me, butI will give you a few pointers when you are down here. you can email me at [email protected]nd let meknow when you'llbe in town.Gotta Talk to ya
The farther back you fish the warmer the water. Keep that in mind. There are definitely fish to be caught on a fly too. Try the shadowlines at night
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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