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Check This Out:I picked this up from another site
and thought it might be interesting....

Bass & Pictures provided from: Boid Collector

Research Info provided from: SI Crusier

Was fishing one of our favorite inside the Raritan bay spots Sat nite and decided to take a slot home for dinner. Upon cleaning the fish, I decided to see what these fish have been feeding on... not fully satisfied with what I found (clam and a digested fish beyond recognition (don't think it was a bunker, bones were too tight together)) hoping for more clues to what the fish was, I decided to follow the cut into the intestines... Hmmm... this fish was also eating little orange sticks?!?!? I tried pulling one of these things but they were stuck to the intestinal wall.... In all my years of fishing, this is the first time i've ever seen these... Has anybody ever seen these parasites before? Any idea of what they are?

A few of you were questioning parasites in Stripers about a month ago. I managed to track down what they were. See the response below from marine biologist SUNY Stony Brook.

It is an acanthocephalan parasite called Pomphorhynchus (probably P.
bulbocolli); its been known from striped bass for many years. The reason
you couldn't get them off is that they punch their proboscis right through
the rectum wall and inflate it on the other side, like a wall anchor. You
only ever see it in the rectum; bluefish get it there too. We often see it
much heavier than this - see attached picture. The life-cycle is unknown,
but it probably uses an amphipod as a first intermediate host, then a
smaller fish as a second intermediate host, probably an eel or white perch,
perhaps bunker. They can cause quite serious pathology to the fish; I just
gave a presentation on this very topic to the Eastern Fish Health Workshop
in Shepherdstown WV last week

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