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Wed 9/8, Reminded them that,I Vote every election day, As I was there for the Democratic Party on Election Day,I won't use to be there for us, The Bass Barn has over 6000 members
Response,Thursday morning 9/9
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Murphy:
Thank you for your email regarding the striped bass legislation. Please be advised Senator Madden is working with Assemblyman Smith (sponsor of bill) to expedite the passage of this legislation. If you should have any other state related issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact this office.

Assemblyman Robert J. Smith, 4th District
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy:

Thank you for contacting me regarding Striped Bass Legislation. As an
avid fisherman, I am aware of the need to get this legislation passed. I
authored the Assebly Bill, A-3007, to modify the catch and possesion
limits to bring us into compliance. This bill has already passed
through the General Assembly and I will work my hardest to get this
legislation passed through the Senate as soon as possible.

Thank you, again, for contacting me regarding this issue and if I can be
of help to you on any other state-related matter please do not hesitate
to contact me.

Assemblyman, Fourth District,David R. Mayer
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Murphy,
Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding the striped
bass legislation. In June I supported and voted for Assembly bill 3007,
which is identical to S1691. A3007 passed the Assembly and A3007/S1691
is currently waiting to be voted on in the Senate. It is my hope that
when the State Legislature returns to session in a week, the Senate will
vote on this bill.
If you have any other State related concerns, please do not
hesitate to contact my office at either 856-227-5900 or 856-232-6700.
Very truly yours,
David R. Mayer

Call or email them now,it the only way to make things happen

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Irish, Thurs., which is tomorrow, Sen. Madden, Smith and Mayer are holding a town meeting here in Franklin Twsp. It is being held in our new community center on rt. 47. The time is 7 PM. I am planning to attend and of course ask the question about our stripe bass. It would be great to have you and any other barners that could make it. Thanks to you and all others barners that are HOT on this issue.

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I also sent mail to "our" Governor, Sen. Codey, as well as Sen. Smith....I got nothing back....I inadvertently sent the letter to Assemblyman Smith (as opposed to Senator Smith) and he replied immediately....and pointed out my error....and I redirected the mail....lets u know who ur "friends" are...
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