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Summer Flounder fisherman ,bend over

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I attended the Mid Atlantic Council meeting tonite and they voted on the 2006 allotment
After some strong arguments by JCAA,RFA, and United Boatman and some from Jersey reps they voted and passed an admendment that reduces the catch for 2006 to 23.59 lbs DOWN from 30 million lbs in 2005
NOW ,(tomorrow Wed) the ASMFC will decide what the new regulations will be.
The whole process needs to be redone in my opinion as currently they are not paying any attention to ecomonic impact
Stay tuned
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Originally posted by BIGGESTJACK:
They never considered the proposal. One NY rep (a CCA rec fisherman) flipped at the last minute and it was voted down with no consideration.
I believe NJ could choose a rec size limit of 14" just like the Comm limit. Season would likely only be a week though.

Increasing to Comm limit only means more dead fish, it'll just take longer to fill the qouta they have.
Originally posted by Capt Lew:
Read in the AC Press today that it won't affect the rec fisherman only the commercials. If I can get the link, I will post it.
Not really true even though they said it
Both the rec and comm qouta are being cut by the same amount. Because we were under our qouta last year we likely won't see a change in limits in NJ. If it were not for the cuts though Limits would have be eased this year to account for that. Would have been nice to get back to the 15 inch days.

States that reached their qouta's last year are really screwed.
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NMFS's detailed economic impact study of the fluke cutbacks

"While it is likely that proposed management measures would restrict the recreational fishery for 2006,and that these measures may cause some decrease in recreational satisfaction, there is no indication that any of these measures may lead to a decline in the demand for party/charter boat trips. The market demand for this sector is relatively stable. Currently, neither behavioral nor demand data are available to estimate how sensitive party/charter boat anglers might be to proposed fishing regulations. It is likely that party/charter anglers will target other species when faced with potential reductions in the amount of summer flounder, scup, and black sea bass that they are allowed to catch."

Fed. Reg., Vol. 70, No. 221, Nov. 17, 2005, at page 69730 .

I really love how they state demand for charter/party boats is stable, then in the very next sentence, state that they have no data to support that theory. Now that's some Gov't Analysis
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Originally posted by Fishpicker:
Jim Do they tell ya in all those documents that you have found , just How long Our winter season has been for the past 5 or more years ????? Of course Not they have led you guys to believe that we set up shop out on the shelf all winter long and work on Fluke.
Nobody thinks that now. Jim was talking about the past, before any qouta's.
Originally posted by Fishpicker:

In the data did they factor in the weather I bet not.

Do you mean the rec data? MRFSS does not factor weather in. Two years ago they had NJ recs having a fantastic two weeks of fishing, right through two huricanes.
Based on projections, from NJ south, we will see no or little changes in our current regs. We fished way under our qoutas. From NY north (except RI) there will be massive cutbacks. Really bad for NY considering were they are already at.

IMO it's obvious that something, possibly Global Warming, has shifted the flounder population North. That in turn pushes the Northern States over their qoutas and effects the VPA since we still expect to see the same or more amounts of fish in the southern trawl areas.

I think most scientist know this, it's been talked about for a few years now. Problem is NMFS knows the Enviro's will sue if they don't follow standard operating procedure. So in the end common sense goes out the window and the northern states are screwed.
Originally posted by Fishpicker:
I write 3 letters a week. All it got me has a different Observer or a inspection by the CG or the C/O's
You got what you deserve
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