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Summer Flounder fisherman ,bend over

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I attended the Mid Atlantic Council meeting tonite and they voted on the 2006 allotment
After some strong arguments by JCAA,RFA, and United Boatman and some from Jersey reps they voted and passed an admendment that reduces the catch for 2006 to 23.59 lbs DOWN from 30 million lbs in 2005
NOW ,(tomorrow Wed) the ASMFC will decide what the new regulations will be.
The whole process needs to be redone in my opinion as currently they are not paying any attention to ecomonic impact
Stay tuned
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Originally posted by Younger:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Bob ECT:
It is likely that party/charter anglers will target other species when faced with potential reductions in the amount of summer flounder, scup, and black sea bass that they are allowed to catch."

Fed. Reg., Vol. 70, No. 221, Nov. 17, 2005, at page 69730 .

What species are left?? Tog at 1/man?? Weakfish that don't exist?? Spiny dogs?? </font>[/QUOTE]IT HAS BEEN GOING DOWN THIS PATH FOR A FEW YEARS AND THE END IS NEAR.IF IT CONTINUES IT WILL BE A FINANCIAL DIASTER.
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