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Summer Flounder fisherman ,bend over

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I attended the Mid Atlantic Council meeting tonite and they voted on the 2006 allotment
After some strong arguments by JCAA,RFA, and United Boatman and some from Jersey reps they voted and passed an admendment that reduces the catch for 2006 to 23.59 lbs DOWN from 30 million lbs in 2005
NOW ,(tomorrow Wed) the ASMFC will decide what the new regulations will be.
The whole process needs to be redone in my opinion as currently they are not paying any attention to ecomonic impact
Stay tuned
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All commercial Striped bass should be eliminated by making the Striped Bass a Federal Game Fish
THAN recreational regulations could be relaxed and more slot fish taken( better eating stripers) and population controlled better
I predict Weakfish will be back strong next few years in spite of Striper population and you will see a down turn in croakers. Croakers this year were record size and due for a down turn like was seen in weakfish once they hit record size in 80's
Fluke will also be better next year IF coastal water temps return to a normal pattern,IF not we will continue to see reduced catches except for small fish. Larger fish have a tendency to stop migrating west bound when they hit colder water
Just my theroy after reviewing about 40 years of my logs.
There was a block of cold water off NJ coast well into late May last year before breaking up and record breaking warm water settle in.This same situation happened in 1968-69 and fluke fishing was identical to what we saw this year.Of course there was no size or bag limits than so most people were happy with small fish
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Originally posted by Younger:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Bob ECT:
It is likely that party/charter anglers will target other species when faced with potential reductions in the amount of summer flounder, scup, and black sea bass that they are allowed to catch."

Fed. Reg., Vol. 70, No. 221, Nov. 17, 2005, at page 69730 .

What species are left?? Tog at 1/man?? Weakfish that don't exist?? Spiny dogs?? </font>[/QUOTE]IT HAS BEEN GOING DOWN THIS PATH FOR A FEW YEARS AND THE END IS NEAR.IF IT CONTINUES IT WILL BE A FINANCIAL DIASTER.
I think most of our shrimp are imported.
It's just more corruption as far as I'm concerned. The people in charge of this are jerks. Period. They know what's going on. I'd like to say harsher things. It's just all bull. I like catching flounder and when you start having closed seasons and 3 fish limits, it's disheartening. And all because of corrupt leadership! And that absolutely stupid statement about fishing for other species just illustrates how much they don't care. They know what's up and they are just playing the game. These people aren't that dumb I believe. I think they are corrupt as it gets and they are being pushed by others. They know we won't fish for skates and juvenile sea bass during prime time floundering. What a joke. I wonder how much money is being put in their back pockets or swiss bank accounts.
You may be right about corrunption,I don't know BUT the system NEEDS to be reorganized .ONLY way that will be done is by Congress
We all need to write to our Congressman and express our displeasure in current system
My congressman, LoBiondo may be getting tired of hearing from me BUT I'm sure if he gets enough mail on the subject along with others representing us in other areas we CAN get them to begin looking at this mess
They claim there isn't enough money to get good data BUT after sitting through last weeks 2 meetings and seeing all the dead wood around the table "bowing" down to NOAA I believe congress can scrap current programs REDUCE size or eliminate Council members,hold meetings in lower cost places and put SAVINGS into gathering accurate data.
All it takes is a few minutes writing a letter to your Congressman to get things started
I know first hand it works as I was involved in getting Midwest congressman to agree to Striper moritium back in 80's. THEY will listen to indiviual letters and you can get them to react IF enough do it
IF you need a name and address I can provide it for you
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Bucktail, Lay some addresses on here. I went all the way to the Senator's office in the mall over a DMV issue. I'll write letters over this.

When do we get the official size and creel on the flatties anyway.

I believe they know they are bs ing us with excuses because they can't tell us the truth - they have no integrity and are worthless in government positions.
I see you are in Absecon
Your Congressman is Frank LoBiondo
Washington address is 225 Cannon
Washington ,DC

local address is 5914 Main St
Mays Landing,NJ

I send my letters to both addresses

I don't think we will know the 2006 regulations until late March or April at earliest
Once the Wave 5 catch reports come in to complete the year, the data will have to go through several steps before it reaches the ASMFC who reccomend the 2006 allowable catch ,than States will have to develop a plan that meets the alloted catch
UNLESS we get lucky and they find a way to fast track it
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Based on projections, from NJ south, we will see no or little changes in our current regs. We fished way under our qoutas. From NY north (except RI) there will be massive cutbacks. Really bad for NY considering were they are already at.

IMO it's obvious that something, possibly Global Warming, has shifted the flounder population North. That in turn pushes the Northern States over their qoutas and effects the VPA since we still expect to see the same or more amounts of fish in the southern trawl areas.

I think most scientist know this, it's been talked about for a few years now. Problem is NMFS knows the Enviro's will sue if they don't follow standard operating procedure. So in the end common sense goes out the window and the northern states are screwed.
Thanks Bucktail,

My letters will be written this weekend and sent to both addresses with my return name and address. Others should consider the same.
one of the problems is we have X amount of anglers and not enough getting involved.

Join the RFA, better yet join and become active.

Dont sit and bit** and do nothing. If you really care about our fisheries, you should get involved.
IF everyone on this Barn who fishes for fluke would write a letter to their congressman I will gurantee you there will be some action in congress
Been there --done that
Lot's of fisherman ***** and moan but bitching and moaning won't get it done
Democracy is a PARITICPANT SPORT and if you want to make a difference you must be involved
37 cent stamp and 5 minutes writing a letter can move mountains IF enough letters get wrtitten
I write 3 letters a week. All it got me has a different Observer or a inspection by the CG or the C/O's
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Originally posted by Fishpicker:
I write 3 letters a week. All it got me has a different Observer or a inspection by the CG or the C/O's
You got what you deserve
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You need to put a stamp on em :D
brian, I was a member of RFA for a while and let the membership lapse at one point.........I'm seriously considering rejoining. Tell me this though: what are they doing for NJ fishermen currently. I figure you know since your a current member. I know they do good stuff all over which is great. But in our current situation, I want to know what's going on for NJ. I was a member of CCA-NC down south when I lived there and they were good. But sometimes these organizations brag on their lobbying efforts and their are only few victories and they are in places like California-which is good to stop precedent of course. We need results here in NJ still. I'm critical of anywhere I put my buck. Obviously they are worthwhile for all recreational fishing.. perhaps they need more money. I think I'll rejoin. Maybe I'll call em and see what they are into or talk to their reps at the boat show.

I'll probably write 5 letters to the Congressman! 1 is out already. WE don't have to join anything to do that!!!!!
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UNDERDOG--I sat through both flounder meetings and RFA lawyer and Untied Boatman lawyer made some pretty good arguments but the council CAVED to NOAA
JCAA was not heard from while I was there
My opinion what has to happen in New Jersey is everyone has to come together with a single voice but I'm starting to believe EGO's have gotten too big
underdog - the RFA is doing plenty of work in the wars and has been doing plenty.


Closing inside to out of state reduction boats (Menhaden) amongst other things - Im not gonna go off on that hear - thats a post in itself.

I hope to see you at a meeting Underdog.
Rejoined RFA the other day.......

Hope to meet you at a meeting as well, Brian
Thanks for the address Bucktail
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