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Sunday 8-28Kayakfishing Brig.

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Well, they are calling for SSE 8-10 mph, mostly cloudy 20%chance of t-storms for Sunday. Probably more like 10-15 mph, but that doesn't sound too bad to me. :D
Dogcatcher, I sent you an e-mail through TBB, don't know if you got it! Who, and where would you like to fish Sunday?
A)Ocean/Absecon inlet launch?
B)Wreck Inlet launch, backside of Littlebeach?
C)Back Bay?
BTW saw some "Corn Cobbs" today. Come on down, Barners...

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Wreck inlet sounds good. Bugs shouldn't be too bad with that wind and at that location you have many choices. Let me know a time that is good for you. After 5:00 pm is better for me.

Cell 215-738-2156. email [email protected].
Looks like a blow out with this wind! Forecasters suck, gusting to 25 and nasty right now. What do you guys think?
Well I'll be up on the beach today,with the yak. Don't know if it's a yakfishing day. But if you want to come, call me 609 335 3602! A drift sock is a reqired for this wind! I fished Brigantine channel yesterday, got 5 short flounder, and 3 weakies all 131/2" on the outgoing, bottom of the tide. Once the tide changed, the wind kicked up,incoming was really dirty, and cold.. I'm off Mon & Tues if anyone wants to fish. I'll be out both days w/yak. I can't call PA. for free, on my cell.Egghead, Dogcatcher call me...
Also looks like rain this afternoon. I may hit some back bay areas tonight after dark instead. Supposed to clear up. I am at work now, call me on my cell if you go.
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