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Met Bobby Fillet at 11:30 am at Browns Marina in Keyport.Capt Rich Kosztyu arrived and we started loading our gear on his awesome 29 ft Prokat powered by twin 4 stroke 250 Suzuki's.As we were pulling out of the slip I saw Capt Lou Grazioso & Mate Matt coming in from there am trip.We talked abit and headed out.Based on the amount of Bunker that I knew was in the back from the day before we took the ride west.When we got to the back the bunker were very hard to come by.We snagged a few and all of a sudden Capt Rich's fish finder went wacky.Capt Rich decided it was best to try & fix the problem and sure enough the Fish Finder started working.Capt Rich moved around abit searching for bait marks and we could not find the bait.My cell phone rang and it was Capt Lou on the other end.We talked real quick and I said Lou live bait is hard to come by.Lou said Art you should have mentioned to me that you needed bait and I would have hooked you up.Lou a big thank you for the offer.We all decided it was best to head to Great Kills and try to get more bunker.When we got into the Great Kills harbor the guys off the beach were snagging them so we took several casts and got the Bunker we needed.We headed to our first spot and all we caught were Bluefish.Capt Rich moved us to another spot and more bluefish.We were all scratching our heads.We had wind against tide and we struggled.We were not giving up.I turned to Rich & Bobby and said let's eat and wait for wind & tide and that's what we did.We all enjoyed the lunch I picked up at the A & G in Fords.Hmmmm good :D I suggested we make a move abit west of where we were fishing and Capt Rich dropped the anchor.I looked to my right and sure enough Mate Mate from Stripermania & Chuck Many were close to where we dropped anchor.We baited up and finally starting getting some tide and wind in the same direction had a few run off's.At 7 pm the only Bass was boated and it was a nice fat 35" Bass.We had a few other run off's but that was it.The sun went down & we decided to call it a day.

All I can say is some days your the dog and other days your the hydrant.

As we were pulling back into the slip Capt Lou Grazioso was at the dock and helped Capt Rich with the dock lines.

Capt Rich I am happy Chris Gatley introduced us to one another a few weeks back.You got yourself 1 sweet ride and want to wish you all the best with your Charter business.Your a great guy and I can't wait to hook up with you again.Thank you for taking myself & Bobby Fillet out.


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