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Need four people (thats all that I will be taking) for a sunday trip out to the tuna grounds this past friday nailed them real good on the troll but got the word that the chunkers were gettin biger fish. I have a charter for saterday leaving at 3 am so I will have the best info for sunday's trip. no wild goose chase!! the cost is $175 per person and I will be trolling in the am and then when I find the fish and the troll stops I will start to chunk. As long as the weather holds this trip is a go please e-mail me or call my phone # its in my signiture. :D
since suday Is out and have not heard from my charter for saturday I now have I spot open for saturday call or e-mail me the cost is 175.00 and that includes all rods reels ice and a fun time!!!! :D And bags for your tuna :eek:
trip is filled thanks

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