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i reccomend we support the rfa and the jcaa
position of a non fee based bonus tag system.
if we allow the state to charge us a fee
to increase our bag limit, i believe that similar
permits for other species and/or areas will
be forthcoming in the future. this a classic
case of the system working at its finest. first
its free, then its just a nominal fee, then its more and more. the federal income tax system
and welfare system started out as a little
tax for a good cause. now look at it.

we've been doin millions of dollars in research
for them for free. our boat,our fuel, our bait,
our time. now they figure they have us hooked
on the program, and this is the thanks we get.

they basically want to sell us an increase in our
bag limit. if that takes hold, think about where
it could lead.that doesn't sound like scientifically supported data to set regs. it
will soon become a cash cow for them as they make
suckers out of us. ask any avid hunter how ridiculous the regs. have gotten. you need an
extra permit to do everything. now they sell an
unlimited amount over the counter. not very
scientific game mngt.

i would rather see them abolish the bonus tag
and blend in the quota just like with all other

they can't sellem if we don't buyem

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