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hey knarf, about 8 years ago during residency I went scuba diving there... can't remember the specifics about those few days because there was a bit of alcohol and nightlife involved, but you can fish on certain parts of the island. I don't recall seeing much "surf" as in a beach you can walk to the water and cast a line out, though.

I did bring a rod, some metal lures, and rented a moped and drove to the other side of the island and fished off a rock wall. There is a lot of coral on the other side and there were fish.. they just didn't hit what I had.. I would have gotten some bait and fished with that, but I was pressed for time.. I was there mostly to dive and see the ruins.. the damn moped broke down.. the police had to bail me out..and the police guy ( as everyone on the island does) wanted a bribe to help me out... after all that hassle I ended up chilling out at some Bob Marley bar with a good view of the ocean on the other side of the island..

While I was doing my research on planning a trip there there were many blogs/forums on could probably google them up..

oh yeah, if the hotel doorman asks you if you want any fresh fruit, meat or chakkachakka say HELL NO!! otherwise you'll get a knock on your door at midnite lol
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