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It was a little slow getting started this year,first 3 trips were slow with only few trout each trip :(
BUT Today things warmed up,Had a good bite on 17-20 Trout ,15-17 whiting and 16" Pompano
Bite lasted 2 hours until the Dolphins showed up and everything stopped :mad:
We headed offshore looking for Tripletail and managed to get 3 up to 10 lbs,first tripletail I've caught

Fun way to fish ,go along a trap line looking for them and when you see one drop an un-weighted shrimp on their head and hang on
Hopefully it will continue to improve :cool: :cool:
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Nice report Bucktail
Good talking to you the other day
I tagged myself a tog today, 8999 left to go :D
Hey Willie, where are you running out of? I'm heading down to Fla a couple of times in the next few weeks & would like to get in some fishing on a couple of the trips.
Good report BW.Good luck and see you in stathmere in the spring.
Awesome report. I just found out I'll be going to Cayo Costa in October. Can't wait.
Willie- funny thing you should mention tripletails. Check out my post in the Striped Bass forum. Did the same as you- stonecrab pot line, live shrimpies, and found a few fish. I was North of you a little- up in Boca Grande! Got some nice pics of the 12-14lb Triples I caught. You are getting pretty good weather down there. Just got back last night! Catch em up!
B. Willie,We're having the same conditions here. Get a warm front and light winds and the water warms up and the fish almost jump in the boat, then a cold snap hits for two day's with lots of wind and fishing shuts down til a new cycle of warm air returns. On cold day's I fish in rivers that flow in the Gulf and fish for Reds, Sheephead and some Snook that have to be returned till next month. All hell will break loose here when the water warms up to 68 degrees and it won't be long. Tight lines, Johnny D.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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