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Hi fishing friends,
At last a calm evening and we boogied out to the WALL 20miles due south. After dark we could see the glow of lights off Havana CUBA. Seas less than one foot and cool North breeze. We reached the wall at 7:30 and started in 1200' of water just over edge of the Wall. Lights went overboard and we lit up the Ocean around the boat. Squid , Flying fish and Tinker mackerel were swimming around the boat. The Green lights mirred off the boat with an erie glow. We started hooking up our 400lb test leaders by TRIPLEFISH of giant squid
with big DAIICHI circle hooks hanging below them, PanaPesce Baits supplied us with natural squid and also Red dyed squid, These are all at least 12" to 16" long and look good enough to eat ourselves. No respectable Swordfish could turn down this meal. We hooked up to our brand new FIN-NOR 50 wide reels with Xgeneration custom swordfish rods. With 600 yards of 250lb POWER PRO BRAIDED lines loaded on to these magnificent new gold reels we were ready to send out these Squid. Above the leader we attached a diamond Strobe light from Lindgren - Pitman swordfish lights. As soon as these hit the water the strobes started flashing bright lights in different colors saying come eat me.
You guessed is it, one of the reels started clicking slowly, this was sword slapping at the squid, as they kill the bait first than come back and eat it.
When the reel really started to sing BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz! Aaron screamed fish on. He grabbed the rod and started reeling , but this swordfish just ate and ran. We than re=baited up with a big 12" mackerel with a big Circle hook dangling below its mouth. This was supplied to us by PanaPeche baits coming from South America.
Do you think a swordfish could care where it came from????? Not one your life, immediately the rod started bouncing gently up and down. He’s tapping it with his sword!!! Than he ate it and the reel click went crazy!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time Aaron reeled up tight and set the hook! This swordy took off for the deep.We had a jug tied on the line about 200' from the boat with lights inside it so we could keep track of the swordy’s whereabouts. Every time the red wrapping came back into the reel, Aaron thought he was making progress, then this fish took off again. After about 30 minutes of back and forth fighting, Aaron wanted to tighten the drag on the reel, no I said I’ll brake your arm if you touch the drag, this fish and you just have to battle it out?? If he wins to bad, but you don’t tighten the drag or the hook will pull out.
After another 25 minutes we saw the first of the strobe light blinking under the water and we new the fight was ending. Aaron said oh! It’s just a shark!!!! no way not with a 2 FOOT BILL STICKING OUT OF HIS HEAD. We had the Poon harpoon ready and once determined this was a big enough swordy Marko stuck the fish with the Harpoon.
With the harpoon in him this fish went crazy, soon dying and we were able to tail rap him and bring him aboard the boat. We had our body bag ready!!!! This bag is 8' by 4' and when the crew saw the body bag supplied us by C and H Lure company they thought I was crazy bringing a body bag this big on board. In we slipped the swordy and zipped the bag closed. After much humping and wiggling he finally quieted down and we were ready to gut and clean it out and prepare to ice down the belly and place him inside the new coffin box we just installed on board. With plenty of ice this fish will be in great condition to steak later when we return to Key West.
But wait this was only the first swordfish landed. We baited up again and had 3 rods and reels in the water with big Squid and mackerel baits on. Within 15 minutes all the reels started buzzing at once!!!! All H— broke loose!! Ted’s rod went under the boat and the other line ran away from the boat???Two of the lines got tangled and noted up.. Finally Ted’s fish broke off and swam away with the strobe lights dangling from him. Mean time up Front Marko’s Reel was buzzing off like crazy!!! Aaron cut the line trying to cut off the jug with the lights inside, and he grabbed the line. Holding on to the line he thought he was going to hand line this one in.NO WAY!!!!
I Grabbed the two ends of the line and tied a surgeons note and we proceeded to get the loose line back on the reel. Marko than had his battle to win. With no growling or complaining he battled this swordy for over 45 minutes and when we finally got it close enough to the boat where we could see the strobe lights. Amazing this one was even bigger than the first swordfish boated. We boated this one in the same manner using the POON harpoon and tail wrapped it. After it quivered and died we slipped it on board and into the body bag too.With lots of ice and after cleaning these two swordfish we than placed them both into our new FrigidRidgid coffin box and decided we had enough battles for the night. Two nice Swordfish in the boat one at approx 80lbs and one at 100lbs.would feed all our fishing friends in Key West. We cleaned up our tackle and lights and Boogied on home.
At One o’clock in the morning we left GOLDEN STREAKER tied to the dock till morning when we would come back to clean fish steak them and VACU PACK them for freezing and distributing Swordfish for all our Key West Friends.
Great fishing night and all our crew went home to bed tired but happy.
Captain Frank and the fishing crew aboard Golden Steaker.
Marko Thompson, Ted Zzalkowski, and Aaron Mahle. All happy fisherman 305 509 1547
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