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Take a soldier fishing

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Hey There Fellow Barners,

It's that time of the year to start preparing for the upcoming fishing seasons. What i have to ask you guys is whether there is enough interest in doing the "Take A Soldier fishing" program that we did in the past. I have had quite a bit of interest here on base at McGuire AFB, with multiple people coming up to me and asking if we are running the program this year. So how about it guys?? its up to y'all if we do this... if your interested let it be known on here. if there is enough interest I'll set it up.

I'll need your names-
phone numbers-
type of fishing-
# of guys or gals that you would like to be joining you-
and the time frame you want to go fishing-

My email is [email protected] As soon as i get together enough guys for a list to post up. I will get it around base.

I also have this posted up over in dry dock but it keeps getting lost in the mix. I figured it might have a chance over here where it was before,

Thanks in advance


[email protected]
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Bill **** out of Forked River, NJ I can take up to 3 guys, I have a 21 Whaler so it would near shore fluking and bass or weakies. My number is 610-908-4713 and my e-mail is ****[email protected] I can do Fridays or Sat. Anytime all summer, I would be more than happy to do a few trips.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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