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Targeting Fluke off the surf

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Just curious what set-ups everyone use's to catch Fluke from the beach? Curious about the rod length and also lure weight of the rods.

I have caught more Fluke this early fall season, while fishing for bass then ever before. It would be hard for me just to target Fluke when the Bass are around but I'm figuring more towards the summer season.

Thanks, Lami :thumbsup:
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I use a 7'6 rod rated up to 2 oz and a Spheros 4000 with 20 lb braid. I have caught plenty using the same 7 footer spinner I use in the back too, a little Fenick freshwater rod rated to 1.5 oz and a 3000 Spheros loaded with 10 or 12 lb mono (skates aren't fun on that, however). Distance casting has not been an issue since most hit in the wash, as you've probably experienced. Plus, I try to go with the lightest bucktail I can get away with. Draggin works, but getting the sweep like you do with metals and shads for bass works just as well on fluke. Cast up current and let it swing down past you. If I do drag, I use a small trolling weight and a 2 ft. leader with a gulp shrimp on a snelled hook trailing behind. You can still get the sweep with that too, but it's better in rougher surf. Leave some for me!
Hey Lotta Sick Days,

How much 20lb braid did you get on your Spheros 4000?

Thanks, Lami
Sent you an email. I'm guessing over 200 yards with backing.
It would seem the majority of guys use between 10 and 20lb braided line for there Fluke set ups. I would tend to go with the heavier, just in case you hook something on the bigger size.:rolleyes:

Recently I have switched to all Suffix Braid on my spinning reels from the surf. All my backup reels still have Power Pro. I can't say I really notice the difference, except I feel I have more wind knotts with the Suffix then with the Power Pro. (I have been using 30lb and 50lb Suffix)

Whats your opinion between the braided lines?

I have used Powerpro or Suffix throwing bait and bigger plugs. But on my fluke rod and my schoolie plugging rod, I have been throwing Spiderwire Stealth for a few years. Got it very cheap this year, so I am trying it on my bigger plugging rod too. Inexpensive, doesn't seem to discolor and fray, soft, and I've had no problems with wind knots. I can't say that about smaller diameters in Powerpro. Haven't had experience with Suffix in 30 or lighter lb. test.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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