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Targeting Fluke off the surf

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Just curious what set-ups everyone use's to catch Fluke from the beach? Curious about the rod length and also lure weight of the rods.

I have caught more Fluke this early fall season, while fishing for bass then ever before. It would be hard for me just to target Fluke when the Bass are around but I'm figuring more towards the summer season.

Thanks, Lami :thumbsup:
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Lami, don't tell anyone but between you and I the secret to fantastic Fluke fishing in the surf is....... to wait until the day after the season closes. I think that the flounder mark that day on their calendars.

This year I caught (and released) more flounder then I ever have in the surf. T-Hexes and white buck tails.

Heck, one day every cast brought in a big ole clump of seaweed and I was still catching fluke.

Only problem is that it was fall :confused:.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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