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Targeting tog from land

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This probably belongs in the "surf" forum, but wanted to get a few more opinions...
I read in someone's post that tog can be caught along sod banks b/c they're lookin for the small crabs that the banks give shelter to. Any tog "experts" out there who think it's more worth while fishing the sod banks rather than inlet rocks and jetties - remember, from the land...
Just about 1 1/2 weeks to go ;)
Thanks as always
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Hey Red...I'm no expert either but have caught tog off rock piles,jetties and sod banks...From what i have experienced about sod banks is they hold off the banks on the ones where it drops right off...So more than anything you need to have a sod you can fish off of that gets deep...I'd stick my neck out to say 15' or greater..which seems to be the deeper the better for me...And you don't have to drop right off the edge..You can cast out a little just enough to get to where it drops down for you..Than lock it up and ram them home...Hope it helps...Pazman
One more thing can always test the depth with just tossing that line out and getting an estimation of the depth...That way your not wasting time fishing unproductive areas...Good luck ...Pazman

You can catch tog along most of the bridges down around Avalon, Stone Harbor etc. Just cast some green crab along the cement supports and hang on.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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