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Here it is. Just what you have been looking for. Up for grabs is a Tellermate TY Money counter. I have been in the Foodservice indistry for over 15 years and have used Tellermates for many of those years. This machine allows you to count Thousands of dollors in Literly seconds. Get your managers out of the office and out with your guests where they belong. This unit is in working condition and includes A/C adapter and 20 coin cups. There are two very small lines in the screen but these in no way hamper the performance of the machine. Retail for this unit is over $1500.00 .
This is great for any business with cash drawers!

Here are some of the specs.

Flexibility to select wrap types such as: money rolls, bags, till cups or scoop

Flexibility to select count type such as: vouchers, coupons, bands, clips or sleeves

Separate operations for change recycling (float) and close-out to prepare a bank deposit or count out a complete transaction

Dedicated float key and the capability to program up to 4 float values

9 button user interface, LCD screen and printer port

Take a look

Email me if interested. [email protected]
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