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I have been having some fuel issues with my new eTec sitting on my 91 Hydra Sport vectra. I have changed my separator and things seemed ok. Played hooky from work today just to take along ride from Ridley up to Bridesburg boat club. Got up there in no time. Perfect day on the water for a ride. Once I came down off plan the $hit hit the fan. Power loss AGAIN. I changed the separator again and had a heck of a time getting it primed. Even filled it with gas I bought in a small container just in case I had another problem.
I let my sea tow run out this year. Figured new motor – what the heck. Bad call and will fix that tomorrow. In any case, I called sea tow and got a guy named Mike. He spent some time explaining what he has seen recently with fuel system problems. Everything he said made perfect sense. He could have hung up the phone when I told him I did not have a contract but instead gave me some good idea to try tomorrow.
So thanx again Mike. My contract is being placed tomorrow.

BTW – any opinions about fuel separators would be appreciated. I am changing my fuel pickup on the tank and draining it with a vacuum pump. Hope to get out all the junk out that ethanol breaks up so well.
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