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Late post for the trip but I wanted two sayu a few things on behalf of our charter with Captain Adam. First of all the four of us who chartered the boat had one of the best times of our lives. We cought tons of fish and had many laughs. In case anyone doesn't know Adam he is one of the most enthusiastc guys I ever met. He goes out every day and works his butt off to catch fish. And he still gets as excited about fishing as anyone I know. The most impressive thing about the entire day was how well Adam could controle the boat, not only to put us on the meat between the hundreds of boats but he also knew when to throtle up or down on the waves so that we weren't getting beat up any worse then need be. Another thing about Adam is he can really keep his composure when others like myself would get really pissed and loose my head. It seamed that we would drift a rip by ourselves and by the second or third drift we would be fighting for position with twenty boats. No problem for cappy. I couldn't tell you how many times we went through a rip and had two three or four fish hooked up and the other boats right next to us had zippo. This is getting long winded but I can't say enough about Adam. He is one of the best guys I have had the pleasure of meeting. If you need a lesson on catching in the rips call and book a trip. Thanks again Adam.......

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Steve, thanks for the post. I certainly appreciate the kind words. Thanks for your help! Glad you guys had a great time. I hope to have you aboard again SOON!
Sounds like the double edged sword of success is starting to apply to the Bomb! Time for a faster boat Adam?
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