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Fishing in the back is picking up, but it "Ain't" on fire. I was averaging about 1/2 fish per day(fluke), that's up to about 1 3/4 fish a day. Had 4 yesterday and 2 today, had a 24 1/2icher yesterday. I took a ride up to 19 bouy, didn't fair well, only had one keeper, other boats that where there earlier faired better. Some "HUGE" weakies still being caught, rocks and beach around the point and still some secret spots. Saw a whole school of stripers near the intercoastal today. They were on top, but seemed more intent on moving than taking a bait, then they were swiming on the edge of the sod banks, I mean there were some BIG fish there!! There also in alot of the small creeks, on not real big fish. Saw some guys exploting them(I mean catching some and then "RELEASING" some of the smaller ones. Also asking anybody around them if they wanted any, seems some of the RELEAST fish weren't in very good shape after pruning!! That's all I have, hope it helps, go getem. :D
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