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Well folks the word of the day was rough. Went down to the '20 8:00 set up not much happening end of the tide waited for the change. One runoff on a noggin<missed and three croaker later it was 12:35. Decided to make the move went west near the shoe. Marked some fish on the way but no takers in the shoe so up and a little further west 2:00 I started thinking "shouldn't have had that piece of banana pudding cake last night " Finally a taker! a 35" and that was about it got in the barn about 4. Heard alot of complaining on the bay today the fish weren't cooperating. Up north all shorts and a couple slots. The rips were doing ok with bucktailing once again being number one. Did hear some guy down around Brandywine just as I was pulling in the dock saying a 46,39,37, right towards the end of the tide. Well that fish kept the stripes off once again Talked with Little Rickey,Cyclopes,
Outrage and a few others. Just when you think you got it figured you don't! Man,I love it

...tight lines...wish2fish

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