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Well with fishing here in New Jersey at its halfway point,I decided to check out my local bay (Barnegat)to see whats happening. Nothing better then getting a good read on a eco-system
then watching whats in the water under the lights at night during a out-going tide in July and August..

The kids are here and they were playful... :D

First thing you need is bait to get the action going. Well I found clouds of Spearing in the shallows and plenty of our feathered friends
wading among them..Out a little deeper during back to back nights I found massive schools of Peanut Bunker swirling and just erupting into the air when flashes were seen under them...
Break out the OldBay because I never seen so many BlueClaw Crabs swimming with the tide,big one's,little one's and the tiny one's were even
getting gulped off the surface from something below... :eek:
Now the 1 yr olds,,,

Baby Bass between 10"-12" were plentiful and aggressive hitting jigs almost half their size.
Snapper Bluefish would then invade and chase them out and they were the one's that really attacked the schools of peanut bunker...
Then the baby trout would visit...

Alot of little(Spike)Weakfish were hungry both nights
and you seemed to have one on just about every cast for hours...Cute little guys and such fighters at such a young age...

Oh !
And then these guys would show up... :mad:

Oyster Crackers,and I mean alot of them as well,
some pushing a pound or two with a face only a
mother could love.... :D

So things are looking good,when you think of it as in terms that the cycle of life is continuing
to happen with three of the most important in-shore specices along our coast,Striper's,Weakfish and Bunker...

I will continue to watch these kids as the summer
goes on, and will check back in with how they are behaving and their growth to adulthood.... ;)

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When youre done watching them, can you come over & dog sit for me so I can go fishing? :D
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