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The HOOKED UP now in Cape May

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We had Crown Marine and Volvo repair any defects on the boat to make it ready to pass the most detailed survey when we put it on the market in the next few months. The entire boat was sanded and primed and then sprayed with Awlgrip except the bridge which we plan to due shortly. We brought it up from Deltaville, Va this past Sunday morning and it was so nasty that we could only make 12 knots for about 5 hours with 25 knot winds and pouring rain. After about 1:00 pm, the waves fell out to about 3 feet and we cruised home at 24-26 knots at 2100 rpm's. We will be fishing in the bay for the larger stripers and Black drum tommorrow and then we really get going this Friday with double trips on Sat, Sun. We have a few open dates in May and early June if any one would like to fish on a really nice boat. We will be going up the bay to target large black drum and the bigger stripers on all trips and we are offering Bass Barn member $100.00 off our afternoon drum trips on May 11,12,14,15-18. The rest of May and the first two weeks of June we are already booked. See you on the water
Capt John
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Sorry about the pictues being so small. We thought we had this picture posting thing down but it looks like we need work at this some.
Capt John
Capt John,
you got mail
Saw you go under the bridge from the canal into the harbor late Sunday afternoon while I was working on my boat at Utsch's. Nice to see the Hooked up home again! Boat looks great Capt. John!
Saw ya getting ready to head out of the canal and down the bay. I was the grady in the canal headed towards Rt. 9 bridge. Sweet looking ride you got there..
Nice John! Glad to see that she is back in the water and ready to go.
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