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the right back bay setup?

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Im looking for a good back bay set up for fishing the bridges and sod banks. I mainly use poppers, bombers and leadheads w/ pinkies up to 3/4 ounce... nothing more than an ounce. I am looking at the saint croix tidemaster inshore spinning rod, 7'6", 1/4 to 3/4 ounce 8-17lb line, paired up with a quantam cabo PT 40? I have up to about 400 bucks to spend, so any suggestions or feedback are welcomed! What do you guys use for this type of fishing?
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Sounds like a good setup, I really like the St.Croix Tidemaster Series for backbay fishing.I am not too familiar with the Quantam.And that 7.6" stick will alow you to jumped from the bridges to the sods..

Here is my backbay setup,I inter-change three different rods with a Shimano Sustain 4000 for all the situations I come across..

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The 7'6" tidemaster is a sweet stick. I was looking at one the other day that was attached to a shimano stradic. I'm thinking about picking up that same combo in the spring.

I used to use a smaller setup a 7' st. croix (cheapest model) with a small diawa capricorn. The same setup I use for walleye & smallmouth bass. The keepers & above give you quite a fight on it but I like it for nights when all your getting is shorts, spikes, & small blues. The reel is busted & I need to get it reparied so I'm using my surf plugging setup & it's working fine.
for reels, look into a fin-nor spinning reel. they've never let me down.
I love the rod.

For reels, seriously consider looking at the Penn Z series (even if you have to buy it used) rather than anything else except the Van Stalls.

I am yet to be convinced that shiney finishes and 27 ball bearings amount to anything.

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A Z series for a 7ft back bay rod?...maybe over kill there. Great in the surf but you'd have a tuff time with light jigs with that one.

Fin-Nors quality has went to crap the last couple years.

Pick any reel in the "4000" size class.
Im partial to shimano's personally.
Your above choice sounds like it'll do ya fine. I like just a little more power in the rod though, thats just me.

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The set up you're looking at is fine. The Cabo's have proven to be very nice reels, much better then I expected. I'm partial to Daiwa Advantage's, especially considering the price difference.

I don't think you'll find any Fin Nor's around unless used. They used to have a great product when they were made in the US. The company was sold, production moved overseas, then they went bankrupt. Cape Fear bought the name, more problems followed. Now Zebco has the name, I don't think they've started production on them yet.
Good Information about the Fin Nor's guys.
I have a older Fin Nor MegaLite Combo thats just perfect for bridge fishing,in fact I had it out just the other night doing battle with the striped ones from above.Alot of times I will favor this outfit over the more expensive Loomis/Shimano combo because of the abuse and banging your rod and reel takes fishing off certin bridges.And to tell you the truth it does the job and come thru big time...

I always like the look of the Fin Nor Ahabs,never used one but from what I have been told or read over the years they are just a bit too heavey for backbay light tackle fishing but a good quality reel.
The reel I have is a diawa. I always call it an advantage but it's not. It looks just like an advantage but it's called a tournament something or other? Anyway I accidentally dropped it in the bay once so I took it back to my truck, dumpped freshwater all over it then took it apart & dried it off w a paper towel. That was last summer, the reel still works like brand new.
it looks like the tidmaster comes in 3 sizes from 7 to 8' so you can pick what fits your style.seems like a nice blank
Schu, I just purchased that exact set-up. Only thing I regret is not getting the fast action rod , I ordered the moderate action one instead, it's a little bit of a noodle but still strong with 20# power pro.
njvbass what model # did you get? i guess it was the MM?
Paul MM is what the action is on the rod. 7'6" 1/4 -3/4oz
Thanks a lot for all your input!! I was also thinking of going with the fast action croix, but wasnt sure..., but now Im sure! Now I cant decide to got with the sustain or the cabo. They both look pretty sweet. Might have to get the sustain instead?
Take a look at the Shimano Terramar Inshore series rods.I have one with a Quantum Catalyst Inshore reel.I had chosen this over the Tidemaster.The Catalyst reel is made with saltguard protection and titanium bail and is the smoothest reel I own along with the Quantum Energy PTI.If Quantum made a baitrunner I'd never use any other reel.The Catalyst is also about half the price of the Cabo and is built for saltwater as well.It's worth a look.
njvbass. i just got ALOT of st croix blanks in MHF action.i was hoping thats what the guys used and wanted
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