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For the last couple years, I have thought long and hard about the mystique of " The Fudd ". It would appear that there must be more to this than a piece of headgear designed for a Gieco cave man. For certain it is blind faith and abstract in its' being. There can't be a real order as such, because there is only one knight, so there is no round table ( I picture a 1960's folding TV dinner table used for watching reruns of Ozzie and Harriet with a TV dinner), although I did pick up on a search for a sort of Holy Grail( tumbler ) that is used for the breakfast of crushed glass and razor blades.

Maybe the Fudd has a meaning meant to be used in every day life?

For example:

What the Fudd was that?
You have got to be out of your Fudding mind?
You want how much for that piece of Fudding hunk of rubber dog poop?
Man, would I like to Fudd that
Look at the Fudds on that
This is Fudded up to the cube root

and so on and so forth, I am sure I have made my point.

Now if for some reasonI have missed the boat here, and will incurr the wrath of Fudd, I don't suppose it makes a whole lot of difference, I didn't catch and Fudding fish last year anyway:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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