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They must have just got there NJ boating license

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Hey Vin, got nothing from the link.
That was crazy, thats why I like going out during the week, you can have the weekends. :eek:
Why did the coast guard continue on a collision course? To make the movie clip,and besides they had a bigger boat :D

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I'm no rocket scientist or a fifty-year salty, but wasn't the CG vessel in the video the give-way vessel? Wasn't the speedboat"idiots" the stand-on vessel? Whether or not this is true, couldn't the CG vessel give-way or slow down to avoid a collision? Isn't it BOTH parties who are resposible in assuring safe passage in and around the water? It seems to me that even if the speedboat operator was having a brain fart, the Coast Guard should have took evasive manuvers to avoid collision. Then, after the danger had passed, hunt the jerk down and cite him. But for what?

I thought that once you get to a certain point you should do whatever you can to avoid a collision. Clearly the CG Captain could have slowed, turned, anythin to avoid that. Everyone is lucky that there were no injuries.
Notch would be correct if the Coasties didn't have their blue light on ..if they did...then it's a HUGE grey area....or if they were navigating a narrow channel or traffic separation scheme (doubtful).

If I were the Coasties...avoiding the collision is always the smart manuever...and the rules of the road!!!! Unless they were trying to make a point and the reality is they made themselves out to be jerks...sad but true....

and people are wondering why safey classes (although poorly thought out) are needed?????

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Seems like a good Capt. should of avoided a collison even if he had the right of way with his lights flashing. Some good blasts on the horn would of gotten the attention of the outboard. The boaters were darn lucky.
I was thinking the same thing as everyone else. Regardless of whether the CG had their blue light on, the CG is at fault. I know if I was in that situation in the ambulance, when you're using warning devices and in a situation where you wouldn't have the right of way without the lights on, you still don't have the right of way until it is yielded to you.

That accident, if on the road, would have been the emergency vehicle's fault. And WOW would I be in trouble.

On the other hand, the guy in the other boat was either completely oblivious to what was going on, or he didn't notice that it was the CG somehow and assumed they'd worry about getting out of the way.
Note to myself, when on collison course with large steel boat moving at great spped, yield.
I can't believe eiher boat didn't see each other. I am always watching out for nuts like those guys in the little boat.
Just goes to show that there can be a stupid person anywhere. Also, that you can't tell if they're stupid or not by their appearance.
Both Captains = dopes

Small boat had right of way - I believe that blue light doesnt matter
I was on the Porgy 3 last year and got slammed by a CG vessel. Put a hole right in her side!
Did the CG vessel sound a horn? The knuckleheads in the other boat weren't even looking around, but the CG vessel didn't try to avoid the accident either.
Why didn't the guy with the camera alert the captain? He was obviously watching this boat for sometime before the collision.
Here's what the navrules say § 88.11 Law enforcement vessels
(a) Law enforcement vessels may display a flashing blue light when
engaged in direct law enforcement or public safety activities. This light must
be located so that it does not interfere with the visibility of the vessel?s
navigation lights.
(b) The blue light described in this section may be displayed by law
enforcement vessels of the United States and the States and their political
§ 88.12 Public Safety Activities
(a) Vessels engaged in government sanctioned public safety activities, and
commercial vessels performing similar functions, may display an alternately
flashing red and yellow light signal. This identification light signal must be
located so that it does not interfere with the visibility of the vessel?s
navigation lights. The identification light signal may be used only as an
identification signal and conveys no special privilege. Vessels using the
identification light signal during public safety activities must abide by the
Inland Navigation Rules, and must not presume that the light or the
exigency gives them precedence or right of way.

Why the comment of "no right of way on the red/yellow but not blue" I said a big grey area..

Also... if the CG vessel was hailing the small craft trying to notify them the CG vessel was declaring RAM due to a seach area they needed to cover...then the CG would be the stand on vessel...

Like a lot of accidents...unless you do the investigation or read the whole can often be a toss up to who's at fault....
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