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They went through it again!!

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Those poor people in Hatteras Village, NC experienced 115 mph winds with 4 foot storm surge...power outages in Ocracoke. North of Hatteras Village where they lost the road last summer due to Isabel..was hit hard again...who knows whether they lost the road again....I was just there last week.....the ocean is just on the other side of newly formed dunes where it was lost...doesn't sound good
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Please keep the updates from down there coming. I am on my way down on 7-13-04 for a week in Avon. Looking to do some fishing. Any recommendations on local spots and a possible in-shore charter in that area? Any suggestions would enhance my vacation experience to that area. Thanks.
Hurler: I hope that name doesn't mean what I think it does. LOL. I went to the Red Drum Tackle shop web site and it is not alot different then the Barn but smaller. Good reports from the area and such. I do plan on fishing out front most days and I will try where you said at the Lighthouse. Also a family charter is in the works at somepoint in the week. Do you think a sound or an in-shore charter is best down there this time of the year?
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